It never feels good not to be loved back by the person who you could actually fight against the entire world for if they turn against you, ready to lay your life if he/she asks you to & more that are in process of being framed; meaning i haven’t successfully able to put it into words yet.
I was crazily, stupidly, madly – the adjectives just fall short – in love with her. Well to think of it, ‘love’ is a strong word to be used in this context. I’m not sure what love actually is and what it is to be in love, if you ask me honestly. Well, who knows what love is? Is there any definition to it? It’s just a feeling that no matter how much we try, fall short of words describing it. Or that’s what i have been imbued with by the movies.
But, if love is something that you would describe as a feeling that lets you care about that her more than you would for anyone else, if it is something that you would sacrifice everything for her, if it is something that would make you do anything just to see her smile, if it is something in which she is one reigning your mind’s thoughts, if it is something that makes your heart skips few beats, if it is something that makes you smile for no reason and you end up giving others that i-wasn’t-smiling-madly look, if it is something that makes you feel that this would be best ever thing that could have had happened to you; then, I would say “YES I’M IN LOVE“.