It was already 4:30 in the evening; we had a train to catch by 6pm. Me and my friend Rahul were going to a place where we always wanted to go. We had faint memories about the place we visited during our childhood. It was for the first time we were going to a distant location without parental supervision (or as we like to call it ‘ Kaid’). As our parents were working individuals and were in their respective work locations, there was no one at home (NO we were not running away from our home, our parents were aware of our expedition). At first even our parents were a bit skeptical about this… (Bahut natak Hue: p), but at the end we were successful in convincing our parents, at least that’s what we thought. We left our house. We were not sure that was it a good option or not, but we had to do it. This was our first step towards the unknown (that’s what we like to call it). We had a mixed sense of pride and happiness on our faces. Everyone must have experienced this feeling at least once in their life time. But we didn’t have even the faintest idea that this feeling, this moment won’t last long. We had troubles coming our way….